Our olive oil is packaged in an elegant, UV-resistant, dark glass Siviglia bottle ( that protects and highlights this gift from nature.

The bottle is closed with a natural, top-quality Sardinian cork stopper. In Calangianus, where the only Italian school for the processing of cork stoppers is located, we found a company that nurtures its cork trees lovingly and respects tradition (
The female tree, from which this increasingly important material is extracted, can live as long as 300 years, but after 125 years it can no longer be used to produce cork stoppers. One hectare of wood can yield max. 2,000 kg of cork. Trees are debarked for the first time approx. 20 years after being planted, and again every 10 years or so, during the summer months. These long resting periods allow the tree to rebuild its cork coating.

We provide additional stoppers for closing the bottles after they have been opened. Each bottle is shipped in a black cardboard box.