The bottle "Coulisse" of ÜSÜ is handmade in Puglia at the borders of the Salento peninsula. The so-called "Primitive Earth" is not only famous for its wine but also characteristic of the widespread use of small craft. The stoneware bottle is made in a lab in Grottalie, which is the center for the manufacture of handmade ceramics, turned and glazed by hand. "Coulisse" was created with a mould crafted realized by the normal method (1. plaster model, 2. original form, 3. mother-form, 4. shapes in series). The matrix, although craft, gives the work a special meticulousness regarding the shape and ergonomics. After several days, the bottle is ready to be packed into its elegant black box. For the closing a hand-crafted olive wood plug has been settled. "Coulisse" is not just a bottle, but a work of culture and tradition that represents perfectly the true elegance of craft in Puglia.