Il Casone has been known in the Versilia as a hospitable home for several centuries. Olive farmers have always lived here. The exact date of the construction is not known.

In 1729 the building was restored and it is the earliest proven date regarding the building. It is not known who owned the property in those years, around 1830 the Bourbon came to region and bought the property. About one hundred years later they sold all their estates in the Versilia.

During both World Wars Il Casone was used as a shelter and gave to the people from Piano di Mommio water, firewood and fruits from the earth. 

After an accurate rebuilding perfect harmony exists here, between tradition and innovation, art and culture - something modern born out of antiquity. The house, the cellar, the garden, the olive grove, the pool, the guest suites - each of these places leaves some poetry in your heart, something special which each of us during our lives would like to encounter.
Between 1998 and 2000, after 35 years of neglect, the Il Casone team cleaned and restored the olive grove, originally planted about 400 years ago. With old tradition and new technologies in harmony and sustainability with nature, we have managed to produce the highest quality olive oil in this area.
The olive branch has always stood as a symbol of peace, eagerness to settle disputes, healing powers and wisdom. Where chaos and war prevail, olive trees do not thrive. The same was true for Noah: the olive branch carried by the dove was a sign of peace and of a new life!