The island Shōdoshima was the first place in Japan to cultivate olive trees successfully. Not only the fruits but especially the leaves are harvested for their healing effects. While the positive effects of the olive oil are known worldwide, only a few know of the extraordinary nutritional value of the compounds of the olive leaves, even though already Hildegard von Bingen in medieval times used olive leaves tea against intestinal problems. Also for the ancient Greek and Romans and the other Mediterraean people the olive leaves had very important healing properties.

The olive leave extract has a strong antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial (fungicide) and antiparasitic effect.

An important compound is the Oleuropein that also is present in the fruit but is especially concentrated in the leaves.

Next to the inflammatory and immune system strengthening properties it has a calming and purifying effect.

Not only the Oleuropein helps with anti-aging, also the chlorophyll stimulates the formation of red blood cells and the cell respiration.

Our olive leaves come from our grove, that for decades were not treated with chemical substances, that has a special meaning since the vitality and life energy of the imposing tree surly is reflected on its fruits and leaves.


Crush a handful of olive leaves and boil them in ½ litre of water for 5 minutes. Sieve and enjoy! It’s delicious also as an ice-tea, if you want with a dash of lemon juice. The olive leaves can be used multiple times and can be repeatedly boiled.