The most beneficial cosmetic oil for skin and hair need not be the most expensive one. Pure, high-quality olive oil can definitely be used as a powerful body and hair care product, since its fatty acid content is basically the same as that found in the fatty tissue of the hypodermis.

The natural vitamin E contained in olive oil helps preserve and enhance the resiliency and resistance of the skin.
People who do not particularly like the smell of olive oil can add different fragrances to it.
The healing powers of olive oil can be increased by warming it up lightly in hot water.

1) For very delicate skin
Rub olive oil all over your body, focusing especially on very hard and chapped areas. Wash off carefully.
2) Against wrinkle formation
Massage your face with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice twice a week.
3) For dry and chapped hands

Soak your hands in lukewarm olive oil for 30 minutes, then manicure them. Olive oil will make your hands softer. 

4) For chapped lips
Put a couple of drops of olive oil on your lips and rub them together.
5) For soft and silky hair
Before applying shampoo, massage your hair with the following mixture: 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoonfull of olive oil, 60 ml beer, two tablespoonfulls of lemon juice. Rinse carefully, then wash your hair as usual.
6) For pearl-white teeth
Massage your gums with small amounts of olive oil on a regular basis.