IO OLIO body and massage

Mind and Body Harmony 

We feed our senses with Il Casone olive oil, an oil for body and soul.
The line Essere & Benessere includes the use of Il Casone 5 elements aromatic oils.

Throughout the knowledge of the ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, the vital strength of olive oil, God's gift, green gold, symbol of richness.
From the earth originate, naturally, the best elements from which we take strength, nourishment and beauty.
The 5 elements are: Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether and balancing these elements is the key to mental and physical health. 
The principle is based on the combination of our aromatic oils with these 5 elements:

Lavender oil - AIR
Rosemary oil - FIRE
Basil oil - ETHER
Rose oil - EARTH
Mint Oil - WATER

These oils have all the therapeutic qualities of these herbs, plus the great natural qualities of extra virgin olive oil. They are rich in anti-oxidants/anti-radical properties, responsible for cell ageing, vitamin A (stimulates skin cell renewal and keeps hydrated), vitamin E (anti-oxidant, anti-ageing), Phytosterols (provide the raw material to manufacture hormones, thus they are beneficial to people with many types of health challenges), Squalene (helps to keep our skin soft and healthy and its anti-oxidant capabilities helps to protect from the harsh effect of the environment, it's a major components of human skin surface lipids, or oils). Therefore these oils have many different qualities thanks to the synergy with most of  nature components.

To give the best protection we fill our olive oil for body and massage in violet glass bottles with a gel-pump Metro and overcap. We deliver also in our red cardboard box.